English CC Supplement


Latest version: Keybase

Most English reclists only include consonant clusters necessary for constructing isolated syllables. However, full words and sentences consist of multiple syllables in sequence, which results in additional combinations of consonants. You can record this reclist to cover every sequence and add it to any English voicebank.

Included in the download:

  • reclist.txt - Can be opened in OREMO
  • oto.ini - Base OTO for recording at 100 BPM
  • WavConfigTool Settings - Reclist, Mask, and WTR files to be used in WavConfigTool. Useful for recording at other tempos, or for configuring the OTO more quickly.

Chart of consonants

This reclist IPA Example word
b b bun
ch church
d d dawn
dh ð that
f f fun
g g go
h h home
hy ç human
j jump
k k cup
l l left
m m month
n n none
ng ŋ song
p p pat
q ʔ uh-oh
r ɹ run
s s see
sh ʃ show
t t tubs
th θ think
v v love
w w we
y j you
z z zoo
zh ʒ vision

You may need to edit the aliases in order to match the rest of your voicebank. If you're using WavConfigTool, this can be done via editing the WTR file. If not, you will need to run a find+replace on the alias field of the OTO.